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The Compassion Manipur was established in 2003 by local members who have a great concern to respond to the prevailing grim situation and bring social transformation and peace in Manipur state. It was emerged out of the sufferings of the rural mass due to various violence, conflicts and change of climate. Manipur is a tiny state of Indian Union in terms of geographical and population and is considered as one of the most needy states. More than 33 different tribes and communities inhabit the state. Manipur is gripped with poverty and violence. One of the saddest parts in the project area is destruction of the nature such as deforestation, devastation of river, extinction of wild animals etc. Due to poverty stricken, many parents could not support and send their children to towns and cities for their education. Therefore having no means of support, many drop out youths including girls become frustrated and resort to criminal activities. Compassion Manipur strongly believes that sincere engagement in social work, particularly upbringing the children with proper education, guidance and inculcating moral values to the young people will bring social transformation and lasting peace in Manipur.


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Safety of children is of prime importance. Our staff continues to create awareness by educating them on Do's & Dont's as per govt norms.

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Compassion Manipur Children’s Home offers a refund policy to the donors only in case there has been an error / technical reason for the transfer due to which donors have mistakenly made double payments or donated extra amount.

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