Projects (2022)

Compassion Manipur Children can look forward to some exciting projects in the upcoming months which will be a life changing experience for them. From providing Education, to Employment and Safety we will be able to bring transformation to all the villagers that live near us. Partner with us and let us make these dreams a Reality. Call Now! We would love to hear from you!

Compassion Manipur Children's School (ONGOING)(Project 1)

A vision to provide education and up skill children of all ages around our neighbourhood is on the verge of becoming a reality now. A vision to turn dreams into reality by the founder of Compassion Children's Home, Dr. Rev Vumthang Sitlhou is now at grass root level and has initiated in January 2022. with the foundations being laid down this is the most awaited project for all the families in nearby villages.


All children, irrespective age groups and gender will get a chance to finish what they once started and new success stories will be re-written as the school will bring hope to the lost and lonely. With a dynamic plan and enhanced learning technology, children will get a chance to study under trained professionals to enhance their mindsets to get ready for a bright future. Volunteers across the globe will also participate in sharing their expertise in child development and expose children to wider horizons and chances to grow in areas of their passion. With extra curricular activities kept at arms length, each child will be able to dive into their areas of deepest passion and interest, allowing them to blossom in the areas of their talent. 

We seek prayers and support to help fulfil this vision and give countless children a chance to be educated with special attention. Partner with us and let us make a difference together.

School 1.jpg
School 4.jpg
School 3.jpg

Digital Library - Education Project  (Project  2)

With the ongoing pandemic, volunteers of Compassion Manipur Children Home want to ensure that children don't miss out on necessary education which is required for the development of their mind and their future as well. With schools being closed and virtual teaching becoming the current mode of education, we have a proposed project to  set up a digital library with online facilities to help bring education to them. Around 200+ children will benefit with this digital library as it will become a turning point to the poor and lost. 

Students in Library

Piggery Project - Animal Husbandry  (Project 3)

In the North East region there are very less job opportunities which lead to majority of the population living under the poverty line. With this project we will be able to provide a lot of employment to people in need so that they can have a better lifestyle and make available the basic necessities in their life.  Also since this is one of the main sources of food for the region we will be able to provide poor people assistance to start their own small piggery farms so they can further earn and provide for their families. 

Piggery Farm.jpg

Compassion Manipur Residential/Office (Project 4) 

One of the most awaited projects as currently all operations is being done from within the hostel where the children are also living. Keeping in mind  the safety of the children we do not want any unauthorized visitors to come and visit them without our consent. With this new office in the pipeline our children's safety will become a notch  higher as all guests will only be allowed to visit the office and not be entertained within the campus where our children are.

Home Office